Sunday, 16 December 2012

Best of The British

Best Of The British

Best Of The British

So I ended up with mostly imports in this outfit - whoops.  The good news is Accessorize/Monsoon are doing free worldwide shipping at the moment, ASOS always does and Miss Selfridge is free shipping when you spend over 60 quid.  By the way, does anyone know how to do the pound sign in blogger?  I have NFI, which is why I said quid instead...

Featuring (price low to high):

Remember Me?  The Alannah Hill Hairbow also featured in Christmas with Alannah.


  1. Could you just copy and paste it from word?
    Oh I love Monsoon....and I really hope that they have that little free shipping special til next week!

    1. Way too much work, I am too lazy! But yes, I could!