Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Santa Baby... Please Bring These Two Beauties To Me...

Santa Baby....
Santa Baby.... 

At first glance this probably looks like the worst effort at an outfit post ever.  In fact its simply my two biggest lust have items for Christmas in a last effort attempt to check if a) Mr Puggy (or Santa) read my blog and b) if they do whether they would buy me a dress that costs over a a thousand dollars....

I have an obsession with Issa - which is where this gown is from.  Their garments are exquisite, 100% silk and oh so flattering.  And I am in love with this gown.  And admit it, she really does not need anything else other than a lovely clutch.

The Jimmy Choos are a genuine investment piece.  Nude pumps in a sensible heel height of high quality really are worth the price tag.  So Santa Baby, how about you leave these under the tree for me?

Featuring (price 'low' to high):


  1. I saw the Gilberts today.. And I think they are very buyable. :)

    1. You are preaching to the converted!