Friday, 2 November 2012

And It's Launched! The Post That Does Not Have An Outfit

After spending a month or so finding my feet on A Girl and Her Pugs I've decided to open up this second blog as frankly the two things I am trying to achieve simply don't work together well on the one blog.  If you are reading this prior to the banner being added - sorry Mr Puggy still working on it!

And what am I trying to achieve?  Well here, I am simply going to be exercising my creative genius.  And by that I mean creative mediocrity, by styling outfits using Polyvore and uploading them here to hopefully inspire and entertain you.

There are of course rules.  And they are....
  1. Everything featured on this blog must be easily accessible from Australia.  By easy I am essentially limiting anything imported that has to come through a mail forwarding service.  I want my readers to be able to click on a link and be able to buy that item if they like it.  
  2. Retailers with exorbitant shipping prices will not be featured.  Old Navy, Gap, Piperlime, I am so looking at you!  
  3. I will tell you whenever I own an item
  4. In the unlikely event any posts are sponsered I will inform you of that too
My background involves some visual merchandising for a large retailer, but not heaps, and frankly I am not the most creative person on the block so this will be a bit of a learning curve, albeit hopefully a fun one!

I have already created and featured some outfits on A Girl and Her Pugs - here they are to get you started...
Disclaimer - when I create all outfits the items are available for purchase.  They clearly won't always remain so - so if you like something - buy it!  Obviously I do not own everything I feature here.  When I get confident taking photos of my own outfits (i.e. when I learn how to use a camera) I will happily share!

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