Monday, 5 November 2012

Splurge, Sensible And Steal: Cocktail Wedding

Le Sigh - a cocktail wedding is my favourite, I think of glamorous frocks, gorgeous canapés, delicious cocktails and venues ranging from museums, libraries, lounge bars and warehouses.  We were married earlier this year and had a cocktail wedding - so it seemed a natural choice while I am doing the 'Splurge, Sensible and Steal' with a wedding focus.

I've kept the colours very classic, black, champagne and so on are oh so appropriate for this style of wedding!  Most of our guests wore outfits not dissimilar to this, and they all looked fabulous!  

What To Wear: Cocktail Wedding - Splurge

The ironic thing with this splurge outfit, is that it did not end up being all that more expensive than the 'sensible' outfit.  Whoops.  That's probably because when I created it the dress with the statement necklace did not need much more.  Reiss is a brand worn often by the Duchess of Cambridge/Princess Kate, if its good enough for her, its good enough for me!  Generally I try to avoid 'match matchy' items (i.e. those from the same 'set') but the necklace and bracelet here from Mimco are so darn pretty I did not want to.

Featuring (price low to high)

What To Wear: Cocktail Wedding - Sensible

I do admit that a lot people would not find the prices of the items here all that sensible.  But I guess when it comes to weddings I like to go a little flashy.  Plus, the bolero, clutch, earrings and bracelets are all very versatile and can go with just about any after 5 look.  And the shoes and dress are oh so pretty!

Featuring (price low to high)

NB: When I created this outfit the dress was on a $75.00 off sale - it might still be check it out!  


What To Wear: Cocktail Wedding - Steal

What To Wear: Cocktail Wedding - Steal

As you have probably noticed, I am having a very hard time finding on-shore dresses for a steal - so here is yet another UK import.  If anyone knows of super cheap Australian dresses (or shoes) please do let me know!

Generally I prefer to use items that are not on clearance, but I am finding I have to with some of these steal outfits - so if you like something buy ASAP!  Always in stock when I create the outfit and outfits are generally posted within two days so you might get lucky.

Featuring (price low to high)

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