Saturday, 17 November 2012

Splurge, Sensible, Steal: The Pretty Peplum

Peplum is yet another trend I cannot wear.  I am almost a perfect hour glass.  I think there is a one cm difference between my hips and boobs.  As a result, if I wear peplum I automatically look more like a pear.

But this is a pretty trend and I can see how it would do wonders for girls with different body shapes - so  I have made it the feature of today's Splurge, Sensible, Steal.

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Le Posh Peplum

Le Posh Peplum

I have to admit I struggled with this outfit - I found the gorgeous top and skirt and put them together to create an illusion of a dress (with the added benefit of being able to split them into two different items if anyone buys) - and then struggled with the accessories.  I confess I am still not 100% happy with this one!  What would you have done differently?

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Pretty in Peplum - Mauve Gold-ess

I've called this one Mauve Gold-ess for two reasons.  1) Cheesy names are something I really enjoy and 2) the maxi dress with the rose gold seemed very glam and goddess like.  My favourite piece?  The Rocking Horse Ring - so different!

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Price-Wise in Peplum

Price-Wise in Peplum

I've had to do a bit of importing with this one - as I continually complain, really affordable dresses are hard to come by in Australia.  New Look though has very affordable flat shipping rates so if you get a few things its not too bad at all.  

I added the blue and black skull scarf to add an element of fun to this outfit.  I personally really like it, and I am more of a fairy princess as opposed to skull sort of girl...

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