Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Corporate Cool in Summer Heat

Summer Corporate

Summer Corporate 

Keeping cool while dressing corporate is a constant challenge in Australian summers.  Unless you live in Hobart maybe?  We women are a bit luckier than our male counterparts as we can generally get away with not wearing a jacket when it gets hot. 

Regardless though, judging by some of the outfits I have seen before keeping cool yet corporate is still a challenge.  Here is one take on it.  My tip - avoid polyester.  Always avoid polyester if possible, sometimes its not possible if the item is very cute, but always avoid when its over 35 degrees or.... smelly!

Everything available in Australia - no imports required!  

Featuring (price low to high):

Yes the bag is pricey, yes you could get something similar for a lot less.  I liked this one!  Plus a nice leather bag is not all that expensive when you divide its price by the amount of times you will use it.

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