Sunday, 4 November 2012

Splurge, Sensible And Steal: Garden Wedding

Another episode of my Splurge, Sensible and Steal series.  Keeping with the theme from last time, and given its in the heart of wedding season, I've gone with a 'What to Wear To A Garden Wedding' theme.

Personally I love garden weddings, even better if they are followed by an afternoon reception featuring picnics and croquet.  But then I am a Nanna in disguise!  

What To Wear? Garden Wedding - Splurge

Some people are against black at a wedding.  Personally I think as long as you don't look like you are going to a funeral or trying to upstage the bride, anything goes!  So long as its tasteful and appropriate for the venue of course!  And the name of this dress is just so darn wedding appropriate!  This outfit is not full of splurges, to me a splurge is something you balance out with more affordable items!  The dress is most definitely a splurge though!  And that is the key piece after all.

What I Own - the Diva Necklace, and I have to say, its served me well over the past 6 months for its money!  


What To Wear? Garden Wedding - Sensible

Pretty florals will always be suitable for a garden wedding.  I've used a multi-coloured dress in purples with teal accents and paired it with a variety of pieces that all complement the dress without being too matchy-matchy.

Featuring (price low to high)

NB: I personally buy my OPI from David Jones but had to source this image from a different website.


What To Wear? Garden Wedding - Steal

What To Wear? Garden Wedding - Steal 

Keeping it pretty in pink and pearls.  The shoes tower, but the thicker heel makes them more practical for a garden than they first appear.  I found it more difficult then I originally thought to do this steal outfit and ended up having to import more than I wanted.

Featuring (price low to high)

NB: The ASOS pumps were on a new season sale when I created this outfit and may revert to full price.

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